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motionball General

motionball remains committed to the health and safety of our participants, volunteers and Special Olympics athletes. motionball will ensure any in-person elements of our 2021 events align with local public health guidelines and the Special Olympics chapter return-to-play guidelines. Keep an eye on this space for full details of our health and safety plan for the 2021 Marathon of Sport: Challenge 21.

motionball is a national not for profit organization that empowers next generation Canadians to be leaders in their communities while raising funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation through integrated sport and social events.

Special Olympics is a sport organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities that provides year-round training and activities allowing athletes to lead healthier, happier lives.

All of the funds raised at motionball events go directly to Special Olympics Canada Foundation. From there, 70 per cent of the funds are directed to local Special Olympics provincial chapter to support local programs. For example, at Marathon of Sport Toronto, 70 per cent of funds will be donated directly to Special Olympics Ontario to support local programming initiatives. 25 per cent stays within the Foundation to support national Special Olympics initiatives and areas of need. The remaining five per cent  supports the #NoGoodWay campaign, with the goal of changing attitudes and creating a more inclusive society for people with intellectual disabilities.

motionball is a registered non-profit organization, and all of the funds we raise go directly to the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF) – a registered Canadian charity. The Foundation’s registered charitable number is #8695 62041 RR0001.

motionball proudly hosts over 50 annual inclusive social and sporting events in 15 cities and on 32 university campuses across Canada. These events include the flagship Marathon of Sport series, 3 x Galas and the motionball University program.

For 2021, selected cities will be hosting a modified version of Marathon of Sport: Challenge 21!

Marathon of Sport is motionball’s flagship event, taking place in 15 cities across Canada. For 2021, some cities will be hosting a traditional Marathon of Sport – others will be hosting a modified event called Challenge 21.

For more information about the 2021 event near you click here.

motionball MOS Challenge 21 series is unique for 2021 and will see teams race against the clock to complete a series of 21 challenges designed to put their physical and mental toughness to the test! 

Challenge 21 includes all the same elements of a traditional Marathon of Sport that you know and love but instead of hitting the playing field for a day of sports, Teams will be taking to the city streets for an urban adventure! Think scavenger hunt x escape room x amazing race with a motionball twist. Welcome to the Marathon of Sport: Challenge 21 series!  To find an event near you, click here.

The main difference is the activities teams will be completing the day of the event.  Rather than the traditional sports like basketball, soccer, football etc., teams will undertake a 5-10km journey through the city or a local park and completing various activities while hitting checkpoints along the way.

Think scavenger hunt x escape room x amazing race with a motionball twist!

motionball now hosts Marathon of Sport events for students on over 30 campuses across Canada.  For more information on the motionball University program, please click here!

Interested in working with us to bring a motionballU event to your school? Email today!

The 2021 motionball Marathon of Sport event is nationally sponsored by AIR MILES, Etherington Generations and Pita Pit. 

motionball events are also locally sponsored by over 200 Canadian companies. Click here to connect with our Team and learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

The #NoGoodWay campaign is motionball’s national social media initiative to end the use of the R-Word (retard) in everyday conversation. The use of this word hurts individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, even if you don’t mean anything by using it. We are encouraging Canadians to choose another word.

To learn more, visit


Marathon of Sport is motionball’s flagship event across 15 cities and 32 University campuses in Canada. This event invites teams of friends, family and corporate teams to compete in a fun day of sport and competition alongside local Special Olympics athletes all while raising important funds and awareness in support of the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

For 2021, some motionball cities will be hosting a traditional Marathon of Sport while others will be hosting modified versions including our Challenge 21 series. For more information about the motionball event near you, click here.

motionball is proud to host our flagship event in 15 cities across Canada.

Click here to see more information about the motionball city near you.

The cost to register for the 2021 motionball Marathon of Sport is $50-$55 and includes a motionball t-shirt, hat and facemask with contactless delivery. When you reach the minimum fundraising amount in your community, you have the opportunity to refund your registration fee.

  • motionball t-shirt
  • motionball hat
  • motionball facemask
  • The opportunity to build a team of your friends, family or co-workers
  • The opportunity to connect with a Special Olympics athlete and meet them virtually
  • A unique fundraising link and qualify for incredible prizes thanks to our sponsors at Under Armour, AIR MILES and Pita Pit

The minimum age to participate in the 2021 motionball Marathon of Sport or MOS Challenge 21 series is 16. All participants must register online and participants under the age of majority in your province will need to have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Click here to see the list of Marathon of Sport communities! 

Don’t see your city? Choose the community closest to you.

First, decide on what type of team you would like to enter:

  •   Standard Teams will appoint a Team Captain to recruit friends, family or colleagues to join them. Each participant will pay the $50-$55 registration fee and work together to reach the team fundraising goal.
  •   Corporate Teams will appoint a Team Captain who will recruit colleagues to participate in Marathon of Sport. The organization will donate the cost of the team fundraising goal and the registration fee will be waived for all participants. 

Team fundraising goals are specific to each motionball Chapter across Canada. To learn more about the motionball event nearest you, click here. Ready to get started? Click here and follow these easy steps to launch your team registration!

A standard motionball Marathon of Sport or Challenge 21 Team will be made up of 8-12 participants. Please see your local event page for more information as Team numbers will align with the local public health guidelines in each community.

Yes! To register as an individual – please click here, select the city nearest you and Team “Free Agents”

Traditional Marathon of Sport events will begin with Opening Ceremonies – welcoming Teams and celebrating the local Special Olympics athletes. Participants will then compete in 6-8 different low contact sports. The event will end with a brief Closing Ceremonies and may be followed by an After Party at a local venue. 

Please note this overview outlines a traditional Marathon of Sport. The 2021 events will be modified to align with all local public health guidelines and the Special Olympics Chapter return to play guidelines.

Working alongside the local Special Olympics Provincial Chapter, motionball will introduce Team Captains to local Special Olympics athletes! These athletes will then be a part of your Team, with their photo and bio included on your personal fundraising pages. We encourage the Team to connect with their SO athlete once in advance of the big day to learn more about them and share how excited you are to have them as part of your Team!

If you know a Special Olympics athlete, and would like to have them join your team, please connect with your local Committee!

We love it when local businesses get involved with motionball! They can get involved in three ways – either as donors, sponsors or participants! Click here to connect with our National Office and get more information.

What’s the difference?

DONORS → An organization that makes a financial donation to the Marathon of Sport event is eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt. If you have a company that wants to make a donation by cheque, connect them with the motionball office. All cheques should be made out to motionball for Special Olympics. If a donor is making an ‘in-kind’ donation, meaning they are donating a prize or certificate of some sort, motionball can create a business receipt for them.

SPONSORS → Sponsors contribute financially to the event in return for being recognized as a sponsor or a partner. If you know of a local organization who wants to sponsor your local Marathon of Sport or sponsor a sport station, get in touch with the motionball National Office.  If a company is sponsoring the event that means they are not eligible for a charitable tax receipt (as per CRA regulations). 


CORPORATE TEAMS → The organization can put in a corporate team with as many employees as they would like. By registering as a Corporate Team, you will have access to the Corporate Challenge (link to Corp Challenge section) platform to engage all of your employees in the weeks leading up to Marathon of Sport.

  • By entering a corporate team, you and your colleagues will have the additional opportunity to participate in support of motionball.
  • 1. Sign up as a company or register on an existing corporate team
  • 2. Make a pledge to motionball – either a donation from the company, or choose a fundraising goal to reach collectively
  1. Join us onsite or virtually for the Marathon of Sport: Challenge 21 closest to you!

Each Marathon of Sport event is different – for more information about an After Party at your local event, click here to find your closest city.  

No problem! We’re sad they aren’t able to join us but that will not affect you and the rest of your Teammates ability to participate.

If you are able to recruit someone to fill this spot, they will need to register and sign the waiver which they can do online through this link

If you want to get more involved, please contact either your local Marathon of Sport Committee or the motionball National Office to find opportunities available for you! Thank you so much for your involvement and we look forward to working with you.

Choose the motionball community closest to you and register a Team for that event! We will ensure that any funds raised by you and your Teammates are directed back to your community specifically.

Your friends are welcome to participate in Marathon of Sport once they register! This is a great way to get friends involved, you can create a team and set a goal together to fundraise for your group and earn incentives. Click here to begin the registration process.

Yes! While we appreciate you consulting this FAQ package first, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact and you can expect a response within 48 hours. 


  • Participants will check-in at a home base for Opening Ceremonies and to pick up their Team kits 
  • From this starting point, Teams will choose 21 challenges to complete from a list of over 40 
  • Challenges will be a mixture of social, fun, physical and brainteasers 
  • These challenges will take participants on a 10km journey through the downtown core or throughout the green space with checkpoints and activities along the way!
  • Each Team will be joined virtually by a local Special Olympics athlete

For more information about a Challenge 21 event near you, click here.


With Special Olympics programs and initiatives on hold, our athletes need us now more than ever. For many of them, Special Olympics is not just about sport or staying fit and healthy, it’s also about providing a social network, a sense of belonging and a valuable source of stability – all essential to their mental and physical health. 

Our goal is to raise the important funds needed in order to ensure that all Special Olympics programs can return stronger than ever and ensure no athlete is left behind. 

Each registered participant will be provided with an individual fundraising link that can be shared with their contacts and networks to collect donations. As participants reach certain fundraising levels, they will be eligible to receive motionball’s branded incentives.

Visit to register, login, or reset your password.  Your personal fundraising link will be at the top of your dashboard when you sign-in.

Reach out to and we will solve the issue.


As you reach certain fundraising levels, our National Sponsor, Under Armour will provide participants with motionball branded swag!  The 2021 incentive levels are:  

  • $300: Under Armour one-time 40 per cent discount code (may vary by city). One time use 40% off code for Under Armour. Up to $1000 before discount maximum cart spend. Valid until Dec 31st 2021. Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid online only at
  • $500: Under Armour Sweater
  • $750: Under Armour Bag 
  • $1000: Under Armour Sweat Pants
  • $1500: $50 Amazon Gift Card or Gala Ticket (Calgary, Halifax, Toronto)
  • $2000: Under Armour Shoes

You may qualify for incentives until the end of Closing Ceremonies on the day of your event. Your incentives will be available for pickup onsite.

Donations can be made and collected up until two weeks post event, however only funds collected up until the end of Closing Ceremonies will qualify participants for the fundraising incentives.


Through your individual fundraising links online, cash or cheques. All cheques can be made out to motionball for Special Olympics.

Cash and cheque donations should be mailed to the motionball National Office, along with a filled out pledge form.

Mailing address: 

 23 Lesmill Road, Suite 400
Toronto, ON
M3B 3P6

All eligible donations of $20 or more, are eligible for a tax receipt from the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Online donations will generate an automatic tax receipt. All donations sent by mail will receive a tax receipt post-event. Contact for any questions or issues.

Donations can be made and collected up until two weeks post event, however only funds collected up until the end of Closing Ceremonies the day of the event will qualify participants for the fundraising incentives.


Click here to find an event near you!

Each event page will have the contact information for our local Volunteer Lead who will be able to provide with more information on available opportunities.

There are three types of volunteer opportunities at motionball – you can raise your hand to launch a new Marathon of Sport as an Event Director, join a Planning Committee of an existing event or provide support on-site the day of an event!

As an Event Director, you will work closely with motionball’s National Office to bring all aspects of the Marathon of Sport to life in your community. You will be responsible for building your committee, choosing a date, finding a venue and recruiting a minimum of 12 Teams to participate. For more information regarding the responsibilities of being an Event Director, please connect with Cassie, motionball’s Associate Director, National Events at

The Planning Committee supports the Event Director(s) in bringing the event to life! Committee roles can include Team Captain Recruitment, Sponsorship and Social Media & Marketing. 

Our most popular opportunity is onsite at the event! These roles can include but are not limited to Registration, Sport Station Managers, Raffle Ticket Sellers and more!

Committee and onsite volunteer opportunities vary from city to city and many are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 situation, so please connect with the Volunteer Lead identified on the city-specific event page for more info!


motionball is a not for profit organization that empowers young Canadians to be leaders in their communities, raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics so that individuals with intellectual disabilities can lead happier, healthier lives.

Contact your local Special Olympics Chapter to find out more.

There is no age limit to participate in the 2021 motionball Marathon of Sport. All Special Olympics athletes must register through their local Special Olympics Chapter. Please connect with them directly for more information.

motionball will be following the local Special Olympics Chapter Return to Play guidelines. The final decision as to whether or not athletes can participate on site will be determined by the local Chapter in consideration of the local public health guidelines. 

For more information on how to join a motionball Marathon of Sport Team as a Special Olympics athlete, please connect with your local Special Olympics Chapter.

Let your contact at your Special Olympics Chapter know, and we will set up a fundraising page for you!

Get them in touch with your local Special Olympics chapter.

motionball welcomes all friends and family to participate or tune in! Reach out to for more information.


motionball Gala events are a perfect mix of philanthropy and fun. Network with the next generation of young professionals, experience a night of entertainment and celebrate the Special Olympic athletes who make it all worthwhile.

motionball Galas currently take place in Toronto, Calgary, and Halifax.

Stay tuned for more information on our motionball Gala events for 2022!